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Classes offered for all levels in Bharatanatyam (classical): Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Post-Arangetram. Age 4+

We also do  folk, semi-classical and fusion pieces.

Please contact for more information and to discuss options. 



  • There will be a maximum of 4 classes per month. Class duration is 60-90 minutes long based on skill level. 

  • If anyone wishes for individualized attention, or cannot commit to a weekly schedule, one on one/private classes are offered. Please contact for specific information.

  • Payment system will be via venmo or zelle due by the first of every month.​

  • The student is expected to attend all scheduled classes. If the student misses class, there is no make-up session or fee adjustment for unattended classes. 

  • If class is cancelled by the teacher for any reason, then a make-up date will be provided.


  • Regular performances will be scheduled. Allowing the student to perform is up to the discretion of the teacher and will be based on student attendance as well as behavior in class. 

  • Students may NOT perform with other groups or pieces they learned in class without PRIOR permission from the teacher.

  • Students may NOT attend workshops or concurrent classes with other teachers without informing and without explicit permission of the teacher. 

  • All recordings and dance media as well as class materials is protected by copyright law. Class materials may not be distributed or used without permission of the teacher and with due credit in certain circumstances.



  • Please wear appropriate dancing attire. No skin showing on bending-front or back. Children must be able to sit comfortably in aramandi (half-sit) and muzhumandi (full-sit) without "knee pain" or other complaints due to attire.

  • No shoes, socks or footwear during dancing.

  • Dupatta/sash required



  • Please arrive for class on time. Classes will start PROMPTLY at the time they are scheduled. Late comers beyond 10 min after start of class will not be allowed for that session or refunded for that session. I do NOT permit late students to attend if they are late.

  • All students are required to be picked up promptly at the end of their class. Please do NOT be late to pick up your child. Classes are pick up and drop off only. I do NOT have a separate seating space in the studio for waiting. Thank you for understanding. 


  • Arangetram or Rangapravesam is a "rite of passage" for dancers. It is a culmination or graduation ceremony to showcase the skills of the dancer and to allow them grow and explore their own artistic ideologies. Arangetram training is a journey and requires a commitment from the dancer, teacher and respective families. 

  • When a student reaches the arangetram stage, a meeting will be held with the family and their decision on moving forward on that journey will be discussed. 


  • Lasya Arts and the director accept NO LIABILITIES for any injuries or accidents that may occur at the dance studio premises, in performance/recital halls, in any school performance, during transportation to any performance location, or participation in any other activities of the school. Lasya Arts and the director is not liable for any physical and/or emotional damage caused to any child while participating in any activities including a class or performance. ​

  • Parents, legal guardians of minor students, and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on school property resulting from normal class activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during or after class. 

  • In case of a medical emergency, emergency medical care will be called for and the emergency contact listed in the student information sheet will be notified. All medical treatment is at the parents' / guardians' own expense. ​

​*Lasya Arts and its Director reserve the right to refuse services to any person who does not support the policies and decisions set forth.*

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