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Record Breaking Achievements: 50 Jathis Challenge

2020: the year the world shut down. When everything was going awry because of a miniscule virus, how do you hold and teach bharatanatyam classes? Dancers have proven that we can do so much more!

In keeping with the times and creativity of artists, the entire artistic community has turned to the accessibility of social media and made the impossible, possible. Notable artists were able to pique the interest of the larger community by turning to zoom and other modalities to offer virtual classes and workshops as well as performing!

I was lucky enough to participate in a similar venture with Guru Madurai R. Muralidharan. I and 150+ other dancers from around the world partcipated in the 50 jathis challenge for the Asia and India Book of Records. Over a span of 3 months, we learned 50 different jathis in various pattern of beats and continuously performed the jathis virtually over 1.5 hours continuously! I'm pleased to say we were all successful and achieved this goal. Our next goal: the Guinness Book. Unfortunately, due to UK lockdown, they were not present for the venture so we are scheduled to reattempt this at a later date for that record.

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